A premium assembly kit consisting of 1,590 building blocks – fitting together to create the complete, magnificent Holy Temple

Suitable for ages 9 and up, or younger children with the help of an adult

Many hours of quality time for the whole family – building together and learning about the Holy Temple

The Temple’s presence fills your home with light and blessings

Children who learn about the Holy Temple hasten the building of the Third Temple


:The kit includes

1,590 building blocks

Detailed step-by-step instruction manual

The splendid Temple Album, providing a great deal of information about the holy work, courtyards, and chambers of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Four copper miniatures of sacred items from the Temple – Ark of the Covenant, Table of the Showbread, Menorah, and Incense Altar


:Model size

Length: 38cm (15 inches)

Width: 28cm (11 inches)

Height: 18cm (7 inches)

Cost: 690 NIS (approximately $180)

Option: 10 payments of 69 NIS

Price Includes delivery to your doorstep in Israel.

Delivery to the United States – Brooklyn New York

Cost $25 if you buy a group of 8 buyers – each delivery $25.

If you buy a single – shipping cost $80

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